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Kalau Cuma Tahu Saja,Percuma

Pagi ini tergelitik dengan salah satu tweet @safirsenduk yang intinya percuma saja kalau cuman tahu dan belajar ilmu investasi doang tapi gak melakukannya.

Melihat kembali ke tahun 2010,saya mulai tertarik dengan ilmu investasi sejak awal penempatan @Plaza Mandiri pada akhir Maret 2010. Diawali dengan memantau harga reksadana melalui email dan obrolan dengan senior kantor yang banyak bermain saham,mulailah muncul keinginan untuk berinvestasi.

Kegiatan pantau-memantau NAB pun tiap pagi dilakukan. Install aplikasi Bloomberg di HP,ceritanya biar agak nyambung dikit kalau temen2 pada ngobrolin saham. Baca-baca blog dan kunjungi situs-situs pergerakan harga macam . Namun demikian, keinginan untuk berinvestasi pun hanya jadi keinginan belaka hingga akhir tahun. Sampai ada “sesuatu” yang menjadi trigger untuk investasi datang 😀

Nah,quote @safirsenduk,mulai sekarang mari jadikan tahun 2011 sebagai tahun investasi. Yosh!


Welcoming 2011

Welcoming 2011 with a new post. Apakah 2011 akan membawa perubahan pada blog ini? Semoga iya. Semoga spirit belajar menulis itu kembali lagi.


Shifting Comparison

Quoted from TED-talks by Dan Gilbert in 2005,

“You want to buy a car stereo . The dealer near your house sells it for $200, but if you drive across town, you can get it for $100. Would you drive for 50% off?”

Needless to say, most people will answer “Yes”. But what about the analogy below?

“You want to buy a car with a stereo. The dealer near your house sells it for $31000, but if you drive across town, you can get it for $30900. Would you drive to get .003 % off?”

Most people will answer “No” despite the fact that they save the same $100 in both cases.

The problem is, as Dan Gilbert said, the money we save can’t talk where it is saved from. Whether it is from buying a car stereo, or from buying daily goods. But why the answer is different for those two questions.  Do percentage really make it different? Or is it the value?



Goodbye Japan!!



I feel like the whole things in Japan start saying “Itterasshai” now…


Small Update

There is not many things that I can do until the day of my departure to Indonesia exactly two weeks from now. While there are so many matsuri or festivals around Tokyo during summer time, I don’t have much interest anymore compared with during my first two weeks in Japan. I have only two goals in summer. One is watching fireworks festival, which is already accomplished last week. The other one is climbing Mount Fuji, which apparently seems to be impossible for me, since unfortunately, I have one exam and report this week. Maybe I can just go climb Mount Fuji in the end of the week. But, let’s just see later. Because I still have to prepare for my sotsuron presentation on August 8th.



Surely I’ve read somewhere before about this bookmarklet (probably on my Google Reader’s feed). However, I didn’t really pay attention in that term. But, recently I’ve found a nice web application which allows us to translate one english word to another easier english explanation about that words. The idea was almost the same with what we usually have, The Oxford Pocket Dictionary, which enables us to lookup some difficult english terms and get the easier explanation and examples about those words.

The website is here.

The developer provides us with a bookmarklet (you can see it from the upper right link of that website). How it basically works is you block a word in your browser, click the bookmarklet links in your bookmark toolbar, and voila, there comes a pop up browser where you can see the explanation of that word you select before.

In Firefox, when we want to lookup some kanji and japanese characters meaning in english, there is a good plugin called rikaichan, which works smarter (translating on the fly). I don’t know whether there is such plugin for english-to-english translation. However, this i-dict plugin (reminded me of some dictionary software created by my friend in ARC, Little Dict) is good because there are times when I read english website and I don’t know the meaning of the words. Opening between browsers and dictionary tools is not convenient.

Maybe, the idea can be extended for english-to-indonesia dictionary. I am just wondering whether there is such website or not.