Small Update

There is not many things that I can do until the day of my departure to Indonesia exactly two weeks from now. While there are so many matsuri or festivals around Tokyo during summer time, I don’t have much interest anymore compared with during my first two weeks in Japan. I have only two goals in summer. One is watching fireworks festival, which is already accomplished last week. The other one is climbing Mount Fuji, which apparently seems to be impossible for me, since unfortunately, I have one exam and report this week. Maybe I can just go climb Mount Fuji in the end of the week. But, let’s just see later. Because I still have to prepare for my sotsuron presentation on August 8th.


6 Responses to “Small Update”

  1. Juli 29, 2008 pukul 11:26 am

    So.. its means that will back to Indonesia again?

  2. Juli 31, 2008 pukul 9:13 am

    berarti agustus udah di Indonesia, keliatannya lancar juga bahasa Inggrisnya. enak juga ya pergi-pergi ke luar negeri. Mau ikut juga ah travel seperti mas.

  3. 4 gustiayumeliati
    Agustus 1, 2008 pukul 4:24 pm

    Wew,,mau climb Mount Fuji??
    kalo ga kesampean,,manjat Tangkuban Perahu aja dulu di Bandung hehehe..

  4. Agustus 5, 2008 pukul 12:04 am

    Endi boso suroboyoane btw ojolali karo boso suroboyo yo brooo…

  5. 6 bajaklaut
    Agustus 6, 2008 pukul 6:15 pm

    oleh oleh pokokmen

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