Arsip untuk Juli, 2008


Small Update

There is not many things that I can do until the day of my departure to Indonesia exactly two weeks from now. While there are so many matsuri or festivals around Tokyo during summer time, I don’t have much interest anymore compared with during my first two weeks in Japan. I have only two goals in summer. One is watching fireworks festival, which is already accomplished last week. The other one is climbing Mount Fuji, which apparently seems to be impossible for me, since unfortunately, I have one exam and report this week. Maybe I can just go climb Mount Fuji in the end of the week. But, let’s just see later. Because I still have to prepare for my sotsuron presentation on August 8th.


jdk 1.6.0 error on freebsd

I got the following error everytime I run my Java code using JDK 1.6.0 on FreeBSD 7.0 Stable. Invalid argument
at Method)

I’ve been wondering what’s wrong since then. Thanks to this site, now I found the solution. Somehow, seems like Java always interpret the send method to use IPv6 related parameter, which of course will fail in case we use IPv4 parameter. We have to add parameter so that our code run smoothly.

Ijyou desu..



Yesterday it was freaking hot here in Tokyo. It felt almost the same as what I felt back then in September last year when I first came to Japan. I guess it marked the start of summer (夏) this year. Well, have to say goodbye to those cold days of winter and the breeze of the spring winds which made the sakura bloom. After all, I have forgotten about how it felt during winter. I forgot how cold it was at that time. We can remember memories and felt the ‘click’ at our heart when we think about that, but what if we want to remember how our skin suffered from the cold?

One thing that I wait to see in summer is what the Japanese call Hanabi-Tai-Kai (花火大会) which literally means fireworks festival. It marks the start of the summer. It is very beautiful especially in Tokyo, because the background is so nice, full of high buildings. I guess the most popular 花火大会 is those which show Tokyo Tower in the background of the night. Kanpeki!! (完璧)

I haven’t updated this blog for so long. Truth to be told, last month I didn’t write any single post here. Oh… I miss those days where everyday I want to write in this blog 😀 Guess that day will be over soon since I will leave Japan also, immediately (nearly one month from now).

Finally, yes, summer is coming. 夏は始まりそうです。。。