Tokyo Jidai Matsuri

November 3rd was Japan national holiday (Culture Day). I browsed the web to search for any events near Tokyo which I can visit in this day. I found that there would be a big events in Asakusa named Tokyo Jidai Matsuri. It was an annual event in Asakusa where people wear traditional costumes from Edo Period and march around the temple.I went there with Agus, Marko, Saiko, and Marko’s friend from Mexico. We assembled in Shibuya (our meeting point).

We arrived there seeing nothing around Asakusa temple that we think related with the Matsuri. Too fast I think. We tried to ask some policeman, and we were not satisfied by their answer (mostly, because we couldn’t ask it in Japanese in a proper way 😀 ).

There were thousands people coming in this place. Either only visiting the temple, buying things in the traditional shop along the way to Asakusa, or watching the Matsuri itself. Here is some picture that I took during the show.

me @ asakusa
me @ tokyo jidai matsuri

girls @ tokyo jidai matsuri
probably, samurai lady?

long dragon
wow, long dragon…

cart lady
a cart lady ?

ngintip oi
take a peek ? hey, beware of the guards ( i was scolded when i took this pics )

geisha ? beautiful lady ? who ?

swan lady
swan lady @ matsuri

old samurai
old guy with samurai costume

lady colorful

colorful lady in hat


2 Responses to “Tokyo Jidai Matsuri”

  1. 1 buljb
    November 24, 2007 pukul 6:35 pm

    seragamnya kayak pasukan jepang yang di “last samurai ” nya tom cruise…

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